An interior designer makes indoor spaces functional, safe & beautiful by planning furniture, kitchen & bathroom layouts teamed with the selecting of essential and decorative items.

An interior designer will be able to read & understand architects plans and have knowledge of the structural impact that re-configuration of internal walls or the repositioning of windows & doors might have.

Ideally before any work starts. They will be able to recognise if a space would benefit from a change in size or shape, whether it lacks natural light or doesn’t make the most of views, whether it will be cold or hot – all points that need to be discussed early on.

We spend time getting to know you, asking about your lifestyle, the colours & styles you are drawn to and how you visualise your perfect interior. We put together initial concepts showing the general feel first so we both feel assured that what we then go onto design will be to your taste.

If you are working to a specific budget, it is of benefit to be open right from the start as this may affect which designer takes on your project. If you don’t have a budget we will be able to give you an indication of the overall spend based on similar past projects.

We charge a design fee which is based on our hourly rate of £120 + vat. This is calculated by how much time the designing will take, the complexity, how many meetings we forsee and whether there is the need for cad drawings or visuals.

It is common practise within the industry for the designer to earn a percentage of the overall spend which can be incorporated into the quotes/purchases or charged as a separate fee.

No you don’t – you can pay us just for our designs. We will ask you this question before producing our design fee as this will affect what we charge. If we are providing designs only we will give you a more indepth breakdown to pass onto your trades or to purchase items yourselves.